Champa - Olive
Champa - Olive
Champa - Olive

Champa - Olive

The Lotus. Have you ever watched one bloom on top of the water into complete perfection? Only to see it retreat back down into the muddy water at night fall?

In South Asia, the lotus has been considered sacred through out their religious history. For Buddhists, the lotus represents our ability to rise above our situation in order to reach our full potential. Ancient Egypt associated the lotus with rebirth, symbolizing the sun and creation. 

Inspired by the exquisite flower that is revered across multiple cultures, Champa is made up of three lotuses joined at it's center point. 

  • Hand screen printed on 100% Belgian linen with Eco-friendly dyes and inks.
  • Linen is a medium weight fabric; Natural colour
  • Print colours: Creme, Olive, Ruby, Steel Grey
  • Motif size: 5" circle
  • Repeat size: 10.2" h x 8"w
  • Fabric width: 54"
  • Fabric care: Dry Clean Only
  • Best uses: draperies, pillows, light upholstery, table top. 

5 Yard Minimum

Please note: Yardage is made to order and has a 5-6 week lead time. If your order is LESS than 5 yards, please email (before ordering) for an inventory check. 

Designed and Printed in the USA.