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Behind The Scenes, To Centre Stage - And Finding The Right Photographer

This transition from 15 years of costuming to stepping into the role of 'designer' and entrepreneur has been a challenging one. Not going to lie. From behind the scenes to center stage...metaphorically and quite has been a journey finding the courage to stand in the light and reinvented oneself. Part of that arduous task of polishing up while remaining yourself and representing the work you do? Finding a photographer to help you nail what that should look like.

After attending a PR lecture earlier this summer on how to pitch your business to magazines, it became abundantly clear to me that the time had come and this was part of the deal. I had to step up and really own this. No more hiding. No more procrastinating. It is after all, the business I have been ever so slowly building and cultivating for several years. If I can not stand confidently in front of the camera, how am I going to be able to stand confidently in my business? It doesn't bother me to have my photo taken like it does many folks. I was more concerned with what did a designer look like to me? I hadn't a clue. I began remembering how much I loved fashion and dressing the part. Then I remembered a few key points of Coco Chanel's philosophy that I think very woman (and man!) should keep in mind no matter what their career path. 

*A girl should be two things: Classy and Fabulous.
*There are no ugly women in this world, just lazy ones.
*In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different.

So I ditched the typical 'mountain attire' that I had been sporting out of plain convenience and ease, for a look that made me feel the part. Not merely clothes for function or trendy fashion, but a look that was intentional and reflected my journey as designer.

Of all of the years I have worked with photographers, and even modeled in my youth, there has only been one photographer who I was most relaxed with. Perhaps it is because I grew up with him. A fellow art geek possessing the natural talent to rock an incredible shot with the added ability to keep you in the moment and laughing. I was spoiled by that comfort. And picky. And I was not all together sure about handing the torch off to someone else. However, after several weeks of research I finally found her.

Jesseca Belemere's photos (mostly) all women, are nothing less than stunning. Every single one of them. This gorgeous gal has a true gift for diving deep and finding beauty in the women who work with her. Ladies of all walks of life, sizes, shapes, stages of life.... and stages of dress. Did I mention she is a beauty and boudoir photographer? I know. I absolutely loved that too!

This self taught, single mother of three, started down the photographic path with her first business, Modern Baby Company. Rooted in her love of sewing quilts for kids, Modern Baby Company evolved into a full line of bedding, bibs and accessories created right here in Asheville. Having to keep up with seasonal inventory's product photography, Jesseca began taking the camera into her own hands teaching herself as she went. From there, she was hooked and found herself evolving into family photography, which then evolved into beauty and further into boudoir. All amazing.

With a keen eye and sharp attention to design and detail, this fearless Lady leaves no stone unturned when it comes to her photos, website or marketing. You immediately feel at ease. She takes great care in outlining exactly what you should expect from your shoot, and how to prepare for it. She has a wonderful range of offerings and options to suit your needs: basic head shots for business, family portraits, bridal parties, and my personal favorite, boudoir. She also beautifully shoots and edits videos.....not only of her clients photo shoots, but of her in action. I knew then that there was nothing I could throw at this gal that she couldn't pick up and run with. Easy going and laid back, Jesseca establishes your comfort and trust right away. And really listens. That is huge.

A great photographer can make anyone look good. And she does a mighty fine job of it. Here are a few images from our photo shoot and the magic she works. Thanks Jesseca for making all of us Ladies shine! You are a rock star!

To have a look at Jesseca's gorgeous website, please go to

Go on. Book a session. You know you want to. ;)

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Dec 27, 2015

You look radiant:)! Jesseca captured your beauty inside and out:).


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