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Calling All Input! Times Are A Changin'!

The Up-Date: Yes. It has been a little quiet here on The Blog Print recently.  However, behind the scenes, life in studio has been a bit lively to say the least. 

The Up-Grade: In the words of Bob Dylan himself ... Times ARE a changin'! As many of you know, good things have been brewing, evolving, morphing and moving-on-up to the next level; I have been overseeing my designs being professionally screen printed onto linen, creating the ability to now provide high quality, uniquely designed fabric by the yard for retail, the interior design and architectural industries. 

The Upshot: We are weeks away from launching a new website. Product imagery and e-commerce are being specifically designed to make purchasing online more convenient and efficient. This also includes an ongoing learning curve, integrating social media (and managing it!) to keep everyone connected, informed on progress and in the know of something new.

Additionally, I've been carving out space to grow and provide custom design services and new products for the near future. Very exciting stuff! Though it has been a very slow process, it's finally coming together in a way that feels like a good foundation to launch from. After all...great things come to those who wait! (And work like a crazy person!) ;)

As for the blog, I have also been creating a great line up of new content and future posts. Topics include a close up look at the textile mills long running production history, de-mystification of the screen print process, 'how it is made', photo shoots, featured artists, inspirations behind collections and suggested projects and use for my fabrics to name a few. 

The Upswing: I would love for you to be a part of the journey too. I am finding that Blogs are a lot like the bards or storytellers, informers and entertainment for a business and its community. So as part of this community, what topic suggestions do YOU have? I would love to know and am taking requests! 

Drop a line in the message box below, and tell me what you would like to see more of, read and learn about here on The Blog Print. Blogging is a new journey for me and I am very happy to share, so your feedback is most important and extremely appreciated!

 (Note: This message box allows us to communicate via e-mail. There is no go between the website platform or sign up. So don't hesitate to drop me a line!)

Thank you kindly in advance. I look forward to hearing from you!
Caitley xx


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