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The Red Thread

As Asian legend tells it, the Red Thread refers to a tale about the gods tying an invisible red cord around the ankles (or little finger) of those that are destined to meet one another.  I think that idea is on to something as time and again I have watched people (including myself!) cross paths to share an understanding, a story, information, to learn something new, or to assist in some way. Sometimes it is for a brief moment, sometimes it is for life. Somehow, there is a method to that madness.

However, growing up in Egypt, the Red Thread had a profound but different meaning to me. As I know it, this story makes references to crafts people, specifically carpet weavers leaving their ‘mark’ or signature in the design with a contrasting thread. The second theory of the Red Thread says that the knots of red were woven into the rug, documenting a significant life event that occurred during the production of the rug: a wedding, a birth, a death, something important that left an impression on its creator. Perhaps those threads were not always red depending on the design colours. However, the odd threads woven into the neutral coloured, wool rugs purchased when we first moved to Egypt, were in fact red. That was 1982.


Accurate or otherwise, and despite the many years in between, these stories have made their ‘mark’ and gently guided me to the core foundation of the textiles I now create. My true nature is still that of a designer, not a crafts person. However. there is nothing quite like the perfection of imperfection of artisan made craft. Objects created by the human hand will always be beautifully and uniquely, one of a kind. Each piece is a documentation of the artisans personal story, which is then passed on to its new owner. I'd like to think of it as design with heart and soul.

Life is a collection of experiences that become our stories. These stories become the strands we weave together creating the whole of our own uniquely beautiful tapestry. To me, the bright red ones happen to be extra special, tying us together, making our mark in this world and documenting those unique moments that make life truly, individually ours. 

What are some of the Red Threads in your life? Feel free to post in the block below. Looking forward to hearing from you!


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