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Thank you for joining me on this journey! 

Through out history, and in every culture around the globe, one of the things that remains consistent is our need to adorn. We adorn our living spaces, in-doors and out. We adorn our garments, sacred spaces, and even ourselves. It is a form of documentation, expression and visual communication. It is the Universal story telling thread that unites us all though textiles, art, craft, design, photography and travel.

Some of the entries you will see here will be practical, sharing a thing or two about caring for textiles or perhaps how something was made. Perhaps the topic will take us to a far away place, or right here in the mountains of North Carolina where I live. Some entries could simply be the origins behind one of my designs. Food and music are not out of the question. And do not put it past me to pull a story or two from my previous life in Hollywood or on Broadway, including what it was like having a glass of wine with Johnny Depp. Whatever the topic, I can assure you it will be about all things creative. I also invite you to add suggestions or points of interest in the comment section below.

Lastly, I am a designer. A visual communicator. I am by no means writer nor do I profess to be, I am just me. Trying to be an expert of the written word, would be like trying to get a fish to climb a tree. None the less, I invite you to experience the joy and intent behind my writings and my design. Some of the best story tellers I have encountered neither read nor write. They speak with their heart and are proud to share their experiences. It keeps us in the present and gives us a meaningful opportunity to connect with those we meet along the way. 

With that said......I welcome you!

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